Extra Post: Passing of another cowboy

Seagoing Cowboy Wayne Zook

Wayne Zook aboard the SS Woodstock Victory to Poland, June 1946.

I got news this week of the passing of another seagoing cowboy: Wayne B. Zook left us on September 9. Wayne was a family physician in Wenatchee, Washington, for 39 years. In 1946, he made two UNRRA trips as a seagoing cowboy to Poland at age 18, the first in June on the SS Woodstock Victory and the second on the SS Yugoslavia Victory in July. I’m indebted to Wayne for passing on to me his photo album and that of his father, Ray Zook, who was also a seagoing cowboy, traveling on a Heifer Project shipment to Poland aboard the SS William S. Halsted in November 1946. These albums, along with all my research materials, will be donated to the Brethren Historical Library and Archives when I finish with my writing projects. Rest in peace, Wayne. And thanks for your generosity.

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