Thanksgiving at Sea: Two Cowboys, Two Outcomes

Seagoing Cowboys eat well on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner for the SS William S. Halsted crew. Source: Ray Zook album.


Nov. 28, 1946

Thanksgiving day at sea. Time changed again. Saw the most beautiful sunrise I ever saw….We hoist more hay for foredeck and then the dinner. Too much turkey, trimmings, 4 kinds of pie, ice cream & all. Didn’t eat any supper, had my orange, apple & nuts left from dinner & ate a candy bar….

Willard Sellers’ diary entry, SS William S. Halsted on the Atlantic Ocean en route to Poland


Nov. 28, 1946

This is Thanksgiving day. Sure feel bad. Can’t eat. Forced myself to eat and then vomited. Feel a little better. Went to bed early. Slept fairly well.”

Ernest Hoover’s diary entry, SS. Beloit Victory, one day out of Newport News en route to Poland


Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers! May your dinner sit well with you.

Tomorrow: Two more Cowboy Thanksgiving stories

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving at Sea: Two Cowboys, Two Outcomes

  1. Thanks for the Thanksgiving at Sea news. I am thankful that for nephew Enos and I, our trip on the John Barton Payne was in April with nice sailing weather, in route to Germany. On the return, traveling empty, we did have some sailing when we could hear the propeller splashing in the water.


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