FJ Luckenbach crew July 1945

F. J. Luckenbach crew at the Acropolis.

The F. J. Luckenbach crew in Greece, July 1945. For whatever reason, the cowboys on this ship were not allowed to take cameras on board. This is the only known picture from this trip, likely taken by an unidentified professional Greek photographer at the Acropolis.

The F. J. Luckenbach crew tours the Acropolis in July 1945.

2 thoughts on “FJ Luckenbach crew July 1945

  1. Thank you for this photo. I see that a number of these cow boys were older men. And to think that my nephew Enos and I were only 17. We did have a notarized letter from our parent with us of their permission. Our trip was the next year, May 1946, on the John Barton Payne, with 790 cows 22 bulls and 1 horse. Our ship unloaded at Bremen Germany. A wonderful experience for two young Mennonite boys. Nelson Heatwole


    • Hello, Nelson. Good to hear from you again. You were one of many 16-, 17-, 18-year-olds to benefit from these trips. What an amazing opportunity that was for you all! I love hearing about, reading, and sharing your stories. Blessings to you.


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