Trials of the S.S. William S. Halsted, Part II

We resume Robert Ebey’s account of the 1946 voyage of the SS. William S. Halsted, repaired and reloaded after its collision with the Esso Camden.

November 19 – – – At last we again get underway at 12:40 p.m. The day is bright and sunny. Beautiful!

Sunshine in the Gulf Stream.

Cowboys soak up the sun. Photo credit: Robert Ebey.

November 21-22 – – – The Gulf Stream brings warm summerlike weather.

Storm on the Atlantic

Waves toss the William S. Halsted around on the Atlantic Ocean. Photo credit: Robert Ebey

November 23 – – – Storm at sea! Our neat piles of hay and straw topple over creating a grand mess. No cattle are injured, but two are perched on top of the toppled bales and are about eight feet above the floor. They had no other place they could go and their stalls were full of the toppled bales. Very extensive damage was done to the stalls on deck. Only Ray Zook and Bob Ebey escaped seasickness.

Waves damage cattle shed.

Waves tear apart cattle sheds on the William S. Halsted. Photo credit: Robert Ebey

December 1 – – – Another terrible storm. A giant wave broke the outside wall of the cattle stalls. Twenty upright 2 by 4’s (spaced two feet apart) in a row were broken.

December 3 – – – In the English Channel all day.

December 7 – – – We reached the Copenhagen, Denmark, Harbor and anchored for 24 hours. We took on fresh vegetables, milk and water.

December 9 – – – We reached Nova Port, Poland….

Entering Nowy Port, Poland.

A tugboat pulls the William S. Halsted into the waterway at Nowy Port, Poland, December 9, 1946. Peggy Reiff Miller collection, courtesy of Ray Zook.

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