5 thoughts on “Battle Creek Victory

  1. I am with the Battle Creek Regional History Museum, and we have been notified that the bell and other items from the Battle Creek Victory are going to be made available to our museum. I would very much like to connect with anyone who may have some photos or stories of this ship.


    • Thanks for noting that, Bob! I see in my records there was a Robert Boone who made that trip in January 1947. I don’t have any documentation on that trip. Do you have documents or photos? I see that he also made a trip to Greece on the S. S. Plymouth Victory in November 1946.


      • I have seen a couple photos. I will see if I can find them. He only ever mentioned the Battle Creek Victory. He was 17 or 18. He and a friend had driven up to Savannah from Brunswick. Dad found a berth on the ship and told his friend to tell my grandparents.


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