Seagoing Cowboy picture book coming in 2016


New Year’s Day seems a fitting time to announce the coming release of my picture book about a seagoing cowboy’s journey to Poland. The story has been beautifully illustrated by Claire Ewart and can now be pre-ordered at Brethren Press.

I will soon be launching an expanded and updated seagoing cowboys website that, besides the current historical materials, will include information about the book and my activities. This blog will continue with historical posts on the second and fourth Fridays, and I will be adding personal posts along the way about my own journey with the seagoing cowboys and Heifer International.

I invite you to journey with me in 2016. And please invite your friends to join the ride!

Happy New Year, dear readers!


2 thoughts on “Seagoing Cowboy picture book coming in 2016

  1. Thank you for all you are doing to lift up the Cowboys and promote Heifer. I hope you will come by again the next time you are in So California. I would like to schedule you to speak to a group at Pilgrim Place. Happy New Year.

    Bill E Beck


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