Seagoing Cowboys In Memorium

This is my regular Fifth Friday post to share the passings of cowboys that I have learned about in this past quarter.

Dr. James Robert Brunk, d. December 3, 2015. S. S. Mount Whitney to Poland, July 29, 1946.

John Stanley Cross, d. November 16, 2015. S. S. Rafael Rivera to Poland, August 26, 1946.

Harlan A. Dietzel, d. October 17, 2015. S. S. Rockland Victory to Poland, November 21, 1945; S. S. Gainesville Victory to Czechoslovakia, February 14, 1946; S. S. Morgantown Victory to Poland, April 2, 1946.

Norman Kauffman, d. June 6, 2011. S. S. Mount Whitney to Poland, July 29, 1946.

David Kauffman, d. April 14, 2014. S. S. Mount Whitney to Poland, July 29, 1946.

Sanford “Sandy” Kilmer, d. December 14, 2015. S. S. Queens Victory to Greece, December 15, 1946.

Hollis D. Steele, d. December 31, 2015. S. S. Virginia City Victory to Poland, May 26, 1946.

Loren E. Winger, d. November 28, 2015. S. S. John Barton Payne to Poland, August 23, 1946.

Rest in peace, dear cowboys.

3 thoughts on “Seagoing Cowboys In Memorium

  1. Harlan Dietzel was very active in the First Church of the Brethren and then Lincolnshire Church of the Brethren, Fort Wayne, IN.
    He and his family (wife Mildred, and sons Stanley and Dennis) lived very close to us and our grandparents who lived next door to us.
    It would make sense that Harlan escorted the cow my grandpa (Irvin L. Rupp) raised to its home in Europe. Needless to say, I didn’t know much about all of this as I was born in Waukegan, IL, in 1947 where my father, W. Eldo Miller, worked in Elgin at the Brethren offices. My mother (Elizabeth M. Rupp Miller) was my grandma’s second daughter.
    So interesting…the Dietzel family and my family were very close as Stanley was one of my brother’s closest friends!
    I will send you a copy of the photo of my Grandpa, the boys who helped and the cow they raised!


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