German children experience THE SEAGOING COWBOY at Upper Silesian Museum

The Upper Silesian Museum (Oberschlesisches Landesmuseum) in Ratingen, Germany, has been displaying an exhibit on the seagoing cowboys since December 2015 as part of their “Food for Body and Soul” exhibit (see post of December 11). As a result, many people in Germany are learning about the seagoing cowboys and the Heifer Project, including German children who participated in a special program this summer using my picture book, The Seagoing Cowboy. Eliska Hegenscheidt-Nozdrovicka, the museum’s education director, has sent me some delightful photos from their summer experience that I share with you here. I’m happy to say that the exhibit, originally scheduled to run through mid-October, has been extended into February next year.



My book The Seagoing Cowboy on display at the museum.





The children are introduced to the topic “Nourishment in times of crisis.”






Eliska tells the story of the seagoing cowboys with the help of my book.







Looking up the travelling route from Baltimore to Gdansk with the kids.





Reconstructing the story through historical photos.






The children make their own ships to transport their heifers.






The ships take off from Baltimore…






including a shipping mishap.






The ships dock in Gdansk.






And the heifers are offloaded. All is well.





What a delightful program. Wish I could have been there! Thanks Eliska for sharing this experience with me and allowing me to share it with my readers.

I’d be happy to know how others are using the book.


4 thoughts on “German children experience THE SEAGOING COWBOY at Upper Silesian Museum

  1. This was so cute. A great program for children.



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