Special Post: Friends with the Weather honors Seagoing Cowboys in new music video

Announcing a new collaboration with the singing group Friends with the Weather! I had asked them to sing the song “Hope for the Children” at the close of my presentation to the Church of the Brethren National Older Adult Conference last September. While they sang, I projected photos taken by seagoing cowboys of children in post-World War II Europe on a screen. Friends with the Weather had been looking for an idea on how to bring their lead song “Blessed for the Journey” from their new CD to life and were so inspired by the story of the seagoing cowboys that they asked me if I would assist them. You can see the resulting music video on the Friends with the Weather website or on youtube

I’m thrilled to have been a part of this collaboration and to be able to share with you this new medium for spreading the seagoing cowboy story. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Special Post: Friends with the Weather honors Seagoing Cowboys in new music video

  1. Peggy, you and your work are an inspiration!!! If all goes well and my challenge back is ok, I will be coming to the Ranch for the board meeting, May 20 and 21. Let’s hope this will happen! Dear sister, your passion and great work is truly amazing!!! You are a gift to Heifer and the world!!! Sister Jan



    • Yeah, Friends with the Weather did a great job on it, didn’t they! Very exciting to see the younger generation resonating with this story. Their aim with their music is to spread hope in what seems like a very hopeless world. Gotta encourage that!


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