12 thoughts on “Frantz, Bob 084

  1. My father, mother, grandmother and two baby sisters came to the U.S. on the S.S. Marine Shark from Malta, Europe, 1947. My father passed in 1978. My grandmother in 1986 at 100 years. My mother passed away this last January at 97. So many memories and stories of their trip to the U.S. I would love to find more pictures of the ship. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  2. May Father took this ship, the US Marine Shark (he called it a troopship) to the Philippines from Pittsburgh, CA in Dec 1945 to start his service in the Air Force. He said it took about 2 weeks and eventually landed in Manilla. Sadly he just passed away a few weeks ago at 93, so I don’t have much or info from him that I can provide. I’m doing research for his eulogy and found on Wikipedia this: “SS Marine Shark – Sold private 1968 renamed Charleston converted to container ship, later scrapped.”


    • According to Wikipedia, the SS Marine Shark was sold private 1968 renamed Charleston converted to container ship, later scrapped.


  3. I was on that ship with my two brothers and parents. Fifty years later I met some others in Houston TX. that were on that same ship


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