Heifer International interview with Peggy Reiff Miller

I had a lovely conversation with Heifer International’s World Ark editor Jason Woods earlier this week. Here is Jason’s blog post from that interview.

8 thoughts on “Heifer International interview with Peggy Reiff Miller

  1. In Jason’s blog post you explain how you became interested in pursuing the history of the cowboys and Heifer. How some things of your grandfather led you into this work is memorable. You’ve educated the rest of us as you’ve pursued the stories. Thank you!


  2. Interesting stories that I enjoy since Heifer Project began on our farm from 1944-1948. I have so many fond memories of Conscientious Objectors who worked on our farm and they were Rouford Coonts, Kenny West (a nephew of Dan West) and Wayne Keltner. Wayne is the only one still living. I also recall Milo Weaver who brought a heifer, but then stayed awhile to help with their care because he could see the need. I recall that he and I peeled potatoes for yet another sumptuous meal that Mom (Olive Roop) would prepare.


  3. Thanks for sharing the article. I enjoyed reading it,and seeing those pictures was great. Claire Stine and Wilbur Stump both attended Beacon Heights Church of the Brethren.


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