Blog Break

Dear Readers,

I’m taking a blog break this week to celebrate 50 years of marriage to my wonderful husband, Rex Miller. We pledged our vows to each other August 9, 1969, in a small country church in northern Illinois.

Newly-wed Rex and Peggy Miller outside Dutchtown Church of the Brethren, Milledgeville, Illinois, August 9, 1969. Photo credit: Glen Shively

Thanks for choosing me, Rex. It’s been a wonderful journey!

Christmas 2016.

My blog will resume August 23 with “Heifers to Poland, 1945.”

~ Peggy

8 thoughts on “Blog Break

  1. Happy anniversary to you both! August 9 is also my mother’s birthday, so now it will be easy to remember your anniversary date. Mom, Muriel Leach, was an active Heifer International volunteer for many decades after marrying my dad, Robert Leach, who had been a seagoing cowboy to Japan.

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  2. Peggy, congratulations on your 50th anniversary. You were a beautiful wife! Love your “wonderful” description of your husband, Rex. The 23rd of this month Alice and I will celebrate 67 years and it gets better with each passing year! We give Jesus the credit for this! Alice will soon be 90 and me 92.—Gene Souder

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  3. Congratulations to both of you! I still remember how strong your commitment to each other was when we were in Marburg. It’s wonderful that it has lasted for 50 years!
    Love, Trudy and Rick

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    • Thanks! And I remember how a certain Rick Racine caught the eye of Trudy Blough in Marburg! So happy our paths have continued to cross through the years. Shall we all aim for 25 more married years? Hugs to you!


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