In Memorium

On this Fifth Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, I pause to give thanks for these seagoing cowboys who have recently departed from us.

Arnold, Bill, November 5, 2019, Auburn, IN. S. S. Pierre Victory to Poland, September 30, 1946.

Donohoe, John Coughlin, September 17, 2019, Altamonte Spring, FL. S. S. Virginian to Poland, June 27, 1946.

Epp, Robert O., August 27, 2019, Henderson, NE. S. S. Clarksville Victory to Poland, December 12, 1945.

Gingrich, Walter C., September 21, 2019, Wilmington, DE. Queens Victory to Czechoslovakia (docking in Bremen, Germany), June 9, 1946; S. S. Cedar Rapids Victory to Yugoslavia (docking in Trieste, Italy, July 10, 1946.

Horst, John Landis, November 25, 2019, Ephrata, PA. Four trips in CPS Reserve, all for Czechoslovakia, docking in Bremen, Germany. S. S. Samuel H. Walker, May 25, 1946; S. S. Frederic C. Howe, July 11, 1946; S. S. Zona Gale, August 30, 1946; S. S. John J. Crittenden, November 22, 1946.

Miller, George Wayne “Mose,” August 16, 2019, Martinsburg, PA. S. S. Santiago Iglesias to Poland, November 16, 1946.

Overholt, Darwin, October 24, 2019, Doylestown, PA. S. S. Villanova Victory to Greece, July 22, 1946.

Petersheim, LeRoy Kurtz, September 2, 2019, Lititz, PA. S. S. Clarksville Victory to Greece, February 24, 1946.

Rohrer, Earl W., October 9, 2019, Manheim, PA. S. S. Queens Victory to Greece, December 15, 1946.

Shively, Ralph Leland, September 19, 2019, Bridgewater, VA. S. S. Park Victory to Greece, March 8, 1946.

Witmer, Ralph A., August 20, 2019, Salem, OH. S. S. Beloit Victory to Poland, November 27, 1946.

Rest in peace, dear seagoing friends.

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