Giving grace

I’m giving myself a bit of grace and foregoing the writing of a post for this week. I had an encounter with the lip of our garage door threshold Sunday eve that threw me forward onto the garage floor and fractured a bone in my left foot when I twisted it sliding off my sandal. So, as much as I want to be in my office working, I’m being kind to myself and resting on the couch this week. I’m in no pain and fortunately didn’t break my wrists or ankle in the fall. I’ll be in a boot for 6 to 8 weeks and anticipate swift healing. I’ll look forward to being back with you for my regular 4th Friday post, which will be about the 75th anniversary of the first UNRRA livestock shipment to Poland in September 1945.

Until then, Peggy

20 thoughts on “Giving grace

  1. Ouch, Peggy! Glad it was not a worse fall. And don’t feel badly about taking a break. Your loyal devotion to Seagoing Cowboys and us must keep you from the “real world” quite often. So enjoy some time off, relaxing, and healing with our blessing and love!

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  2. So sorry to hear this, Peggy. Glad you’re taking time to rest and heal.

    I am blessed by your Seagoing Cowboys posts.

    Will keep you in my prayers.

    Sally Hylton

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  3. Sending very best wishes to you, Peggy, for a full and safe recovery! We enjoy your Seagoing Cowboys stories so very much! Thinking of you! G. Luanne Steiner

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  4. Sorry to read of your injury, Peggy.  Have a quick recovery and take care.  I really look forward to reading your posts.  My dad, Rev. Clarence Moatz, was a cowboy to Germany in the early 50’s.

    Regards, Bill Moatz

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    • Thanks for your well wishes, Bill. I have a wonderful file on your dad in my Heifer Project materials, thanks to the information Joanna sent me four years ago. It’s also worthy to note that he was Vice Chairman of the Heifer Project Board of Directors for a time in the latter half of the 1950s. Such a dynamic time for Heifer!


    • Thanks, Phyllis. Guess my body knew better than my mind that I needed a rest. I have been enjoying my rest this week. Taking a couple of hours in the office this morning to catch up a bit, then back to chilling for the rest of the weekend.


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