Seagoing Cowboy virtual library program

If you missed the virtual library program I did on December 8 and wanted to see it, here’s a copy of the 55-minute recorded program which will remain on this website until the end of January. Thanks to Nicole Husbands of the Indian Valley Public Library, Telford, PA, for making this video available!



8 thoughts on “Seagoing Cowboy virtual library program

  1. Peggy,
    Thank you for your presentation about the Seagoing Cowboys. My father, Nick Toews, was a cowboy on the SS Henry Dearborn (March 1946) to Czechoslovakia, docking in Germany, and the SS Frederic C. Howe (May 1946) to Poland. What a memorable experience this was for him. I spoke with him about his experiences when he was in his upper seventies, and he still remembered minute details of that trip as if it had happened yesterday! This presentation added more detail to his memories that he had relayed to me when we spoke. Thank you for preserving this experience for others to come. Regards, Cynthia (Toews) Rhodes, Whitewater, Kansas.

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    • Cynthia, how wonderful to hear from you! I’m so glad that you were able to hear directly from your father about his seagoing cowboy trips. I’m not surprised that he had such a sharp memory of the details of his trips, as I’ve found that with many of the cowboys I’ve interviewed. It was such an impactful experience that really ingrained itself in their minds and affected many of their career choices and beliefs for the rest of their lives. I’m glad you enjoyed my presentation. Blessings, Peggy


  2. Dear Peggy, I have no excuse for not watching it earlier, but I finally got to it, and had to commend you on the extraordinary job you did on the attached video.  If you hadn’t personally taken up the challenge to record and preserve these events and stories through your newsletter and efforts like this video, it’s very conceivable they could be forever lost.  Thank you for all you do in honor of ‘The Seagoing Cowboys’.

    Warm regards, Bill Moatz(son of Cowboy Rev. Clarence H. Moatz of Allentown, PA) 

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  3. Peggy, Your program was very-well done and we enjoyed hearing every word telling us the amazing details about the Seagoing Cowboys! Thank you for your excellent presentation!

    G. Luanne Steiner


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