In Memoriam

Another Fifth Friday has rolled around, and it’s time to remember the seagoing cowboys who have recently passed from this life.

Donohoe, James B., June 12, 2022, Hampton, New Hampshire. S. S. Virginian to Poland, June 27, 1946.

Groff, Robert C., May 7, 2022, Quarryville, Pennsylvania. S.S. Henry Dearborn to Czechoslovakia (docking in Bremen, Germany), December 12, 1945.

Grubb, Daniel B., May 17, 2022, Palmyra, Pennsylvania. S. S. Zona Gale to Yugoslavia (docking in Trieste, Italy).

Huber, Earl Eshleman, May 21, 2022, Conestoga, Pennsylvania. S. S. Charles W. Wooster to Czechoslovakia (docking in Bremen, Germany), January 7, 1946.

Norris, Philip E., May 2, 2022, Lititz, Pennsylvania. S. S. Adrian Victory to Poland, July 18, 1946.

Owen, Joseph K., June 14, 2022, Washington Boro, Pennsylvania. S. S. Mexican to Yugoslavia (docking in Trieste, Italy), June 28, 1945.

Rest in peace, dear seagoing friends.


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