In Memorium

It’s a fifth Friday again and time to remember those seagoing cowboys who have departed from us. These are the ones of whom I’m aware:

Amstutz, Ivan C., July 12, 2012, Kidron, OH. S. S. Mount Whitney to Poland, July 29, 1946.

Dalrymple, Barret V., November 1, 2018, Frankford, NJ. S. S. Samuel H. Walker to Italy, February 12, 1947.

Deck, Arnold, November 23, 2018, Crab Orchard, WV. S. S. American Importer to West Germany, January 6, 1955.

Guhr, Herbert, July 3, 2018, Hillsboro, KS. S. S. Woodstock Victory to Greece, January 18, 1947.

Heisey, Paul E., October 15, 2018, Newmanstown, PA. S. S. Clarksville Victory to Poland, December 12, 1945.

Hochstedler, Walter, October 24, 2018, Goshen, IN. S. S. Morgantown Victory to Poland, December 11, 1945.

Ladage, Kenneth Eldon, October 10, 2018, Springfield, IL. S. S. DePauw Victory to Greece, December 10, 1946.

Nelson, Norman, May 18, 2018, Lansdale, PA. S. S. Edward W. Burton to Poland, July 15, 1946.

Nofziger, Delmer E., July 8, 2018, Archbold, OH. S. S. Blue Island Victory to Poland, August 10, 1946.

Pyper, William John, March 2018, Tonasket, WA. S. S. Norwalk Victory to Poland, April 15, 1946; S. S. Lindenwood Victory to China/New Zealand, December 19, 1946.

Shives, William Harrison, July 3, 2018, Newport News, VA. S. S. Edwin D. Howard to Poland, June 30, 1946.

Stauffer, Jack, October 14, 2018, Newton, KS. Two trips: to Greece and Israel. Details unknown.

Thompson, Thoburn “Toby,” June 6, 2018, Cedar Falls, IA. S. S. Trade Wind to Okinawa, July 15, 1949.

Umholtz, Leo D, March 24, 2018, Mount Joy, PA. S. S. American Importer to West Germany, September 6, 1957.

Wallick, Philip B., March 29, 2018, Haverford, PA. S. S. Carroll Victory to Greece/South Africa, November 5, 1946.

Weber, George G., August 26, 2018, Ephrata, PA. S. S. Plymouth Victory to Greece, February 13, 1946.

Wenger, Herbert C., August 31, 2018, Harrisonburg, VA. S. S. Samuel S. Walker to Greece, December 15, 1945.

In Memorium

It’s time for my regular Fifth Friday post to honor the seagoing cowboys who have passed away. These are the ones I’ve learned of, some from previous years of whom I’m just becoming aware:

Anders, Paul Henry, July 16, 2017, Alemeda, CA. S. S. Morgantown Victory to Poland, December 10, 1945.

Armstrong, Byron Harold, July 17, 2017, Bridgewater, VA. Heifer Project trips to Austria, Turkey, Egypt, Sardinia, Mexico, beginning in 1954.

Brenneman, John Henry, October 16, 2017, Newport News, VA. S. S. Bucknell Victory to Poland, February 15, 1946.

Brown, H. Merle, October 12, 2017, Elgin, IL. S. S. Queens Victory to Czechoslovakia, June 9, 1946; S. S. Cedar Rapids Victory to Yugoslavia, July 10, 1946.

Burkholder, Lewis A., December 13, 2013, Powhatan, VA. S. S. Pass Christian Victory to Israel, November 1949 (Levinson Brothers shipment).

Damon, Richard Alva, January 24, 2008, Walnut Creek, CA. S. S. Alcee Fortier to Yugoslavia, April 18, 1946.

Day, Kelly M., April 6, 2013, Lafayette, IN. Heifer Project shipment to Greece, December 10  1956.

Detrra, Jr., Norman E., April 27, 2011, West Reading, PA. S. S. Stephen R. Mallory to Poland, June 20, 1946.

Dickey, John, October 25, 2017, New Castle, IN. S. S. Virginia City Victory to Poland, May 26, 1946; S. S. Yugoslavia Victory to Poland, July 19, 1946.

Eller, Harlan H., January 20, 2017, Crimora, VA. S. S. Earlham Victory to Yugoslavia, January 6, 1947.

Groff, Eugene A., January 5, 2017, Lititz, PA. S. S. Beloit Victory to Poland, November 27, 1946.

Harner, David, July 25, 2015, Chino Valley, AZ.  S. S. Humanitas (Heifer Project) to Italy, March 23, 1948.

Harsh, Norman Luther, November 29, 2017, Salem, VA. S. S. Mexican to Yugoslavia, June 28, 1945.

Hess, Paul C., November 19, 2016, Mount Joy, PA. S. S. Mount Whitney to Poland, November 30, 1946.

Hilty, Calvin Albert, March 29, 2014, Strathmore, CA. S. S. Morgantown Victory to Poland, December 4, 1945.

Hochstetler, Carl, September 13, 2013, Killbuck, OH. S. S. Mexican to Yugoslavia, June 28, 1945.

Kanagy, Paul C., December 20, 2011, Chesterville, OH. S. S. Blue Island Victory to Poland, August 10, 1946.

Kaufman, Paul J., September 18, 2017, Plain City, OH. S. S. Santiago Iglesias to Poland, November 10, 1945; S. S. Gainesville Victory to Poland, April 17, 1946.

Keeney, Paul, November 3, 2017, York, PA. S. S. Pierre Victory to Poland, March 29, 1946.

Kuhns, Levi M., March 6, 2011, N. Lawrence, OH. S. S. Park Victory to Poland, December 23, 1945.

Lehman, Adin Leroy, April 20, 2017, Chambersburg, PA. S. S. Queens Victory to Greece, December 15, 1946.

Long, James DeChant, October 26, 2017, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA. S. S. Villanova Victory to Greece, July 22, 1946.

Martin, Aldine D., November 17, 2017, Greencastle, PA. S. S. Bucknell Victory to Poland, February 16, 1946.

McFadden, William Robert (Bob), December 8, 2017, Bridgewater, VA. Heifer Project shipment to Germany, May 19, 1953.

Mullet, Henry A., June 3, 2017, Kalona, IA. S. S. Samuel H. Walker to Greece, December 15, 1945.

Nafziger, Robert W., February 8, 2011, Archbold, OH. S. S. Park Victory to Poland, December 23, 1945; S. S. Plymouth Victory  to Greece, February 13, 1947.

Newsom, Robert “Bo”, March 28, 2017, Columbus, IN. S. S. Rockland Victory to Poland, June 15, 1946.

Nolt, Richard B. “Dick”, February 28, 2014, Lititz, PA. S. S. Cyrus W. Fields to Italy, June 14, 1946.

Prouty, Estel, May 21, 2017, Ogden, IA. S. S. Lindenwood Victory to China, December 19, 1946.

Renalds, Robert Stanley, March 1, 2013, Nashville, TN. S. S. John J. Crittenden to Czechoslovakia, August 15, 1946.

Shenk, Joseph Donald “Don”, September 14, 2015, Newport News, VA. S. S. Pass Christian Victory to Israel, December 1949 (Levinson Brothers shipment).

Siemens, Melvin Roy, October 13, 2017, Leoti, KS. S. S. Charles W. Wooster to Greece, April 21, 1946.

Summy, Robert G., May 1, 2017, Manheim, PA. S. S. Virginian to Yugoslavia, June 26, 1945.

Torkelson, Norman, December 9, 2012, Tilley, Alberta, Canada. S. S. Mount Whitney to Poland, July 29, 1946.

Unruh, Earl R., June 6, 2017, Kansas City, MO. S. S. Morgantown Victory to Yugoslavia, December 2, 1946.

Voran, Willis R., January 16, 2017, New Holland, PA. S. S. John J. Crittenden to Yugoslavia, November 23, 1946.

Weber, Norman, October 2, 2016, Elmira, Ontario, Canada. S. S. Occidental Victory to Poland, September 29, 1946.

White, David H., September 27, 2017, Lititz, PA. S. S. John L. McCarley to Poland, July 2, 1946.

Willms, Alfred J., October 22, 2016, Leamington, Ontario, Canada. S. S. Frederic C. Howe to Yugoslavia, November 15, 1946; S. S. Woodstock Victory to Greece, January 18, 1947.

Rest in peace, dear seagoing friends.


Seagoing Cowboys In Memorium

This is my regular Fifth Friday post to share the passings of cowboys that I have learned about in this past quarter.

Dr. James Robert Brunk, d. December 3, 2015. S. S. Mount Whitney to Poland, July 29, 1946.

John Stanley Cross, d. November 16, 2015. S. S. Rafael Rivera to Poland, August 26, 1946.

Harlan A. Dietzel, d. October 17, 2015. S. S. Rockland Victory to Poland, November 21, 1945; S. S. Gainesville Victory to Czechoslovakia, February 14, 1946; S. S. Morgantown Victory to Poland, April 2, 1946.

Norman Kauffman, d. June 6, 2011. S. S. Mount Whitney to Poland, July 29, 1946.

David Kauffman, d. April 14, 2014. S. S. Mount Whitney to Poland, July 29, 1946.

Sanford “Sandy” Kilmer, d. December 14, 2015. S. S. Queens Victory to Czechoslovakia, December 15, 1946.

Hollis D. Steele, d. December 31, 2015. S. S. Virginia City Victory to Poland, May 26, 1946.

Loren E. Winger, d. November 28, 2015. S. S. John Barton Payne to Poland, August 23, 1946.

Rest in peace, dear cowboys.

Seagoing Cowboys in Memorium

On this Fifth Friday, I once more remember cowboys we’ve lost of late. This is not a definitive list, I’m sure, but rather only the ones of whom I’m aware.

Horace Autenrieth, d. January 24, 2015. S.S. F. J. Luckenbach, March 23, 1946, to Poland; S.S. Flagstaff Victory, May 18, 1946, to Greece.

Gordon W. Bucher, d. September 28, 2015. S.S. F. J. Luckenbach, June 24, 1945, to Greece.

Hartwell Benton Conklin, d. July 8, 2015. S.S. Rafael R. Rivera, August 26, 1946, to Poland.

Emlyn Harley Kline, d. July 20, 2015. S.S. Virginian, June 26, 1945, to Greece.

Paul Wesley Shetler, d. January 31, 2015. S.S. Charles W. Wooster, April 21, 1946, to Greece.

Howard E. Weaver, d. January 20, 2015. S.S. Beloit Victory, November 27, 1946, to Poland.

Lester Clayton Weber, d. April 19, 2015. S.S. Frederic C. Howe, November 15, 1946, to Yugoslavia, docking in Trieste, Italy.

I’d like to thank Gordon Bucher’s family for passing on to me his seaman’s papers and his wonderful journal from which I’ve shared stories in previous blogs. It will go with my collection to the Brethren Historical Library and Archives when I finish my writing projects so future researchers will have access to these historical documents.

I’d also like to thank the family of Alvin Zook who was included in the last “In Memorium” for naming my “Seagoing Cowboys Storytelling Project” as a memorial for Al. The funds received are helping me to continue to share this wonderful history.

Rest in peace, dear seagoing cowboys, knowing you have contributed to the betterment of the world.