In Memoriam

Carey, Gordon Ray, December 22, 2021, Arlington, Virginia. Ship unknown, to Okinawa with goats for Heifer Project, January 13, 1950.

Reynolds, Frances “Frankie” A., November 28, 2021, Conway, Arkansas. A Heifer Project cowgirl, trip details unknown.

Shoemaker, Kenneth, November 2, 2021, Normal, Illinois. S. S. Lindenwood Victory to China, December 19, 1946.

Weaver, Henry “Hank” David, Jr., December 7, 2021, Goshen, Indiana. S. S. Frederic C. Howe to Trieste, Italy, with livestock for Yugoslavia, November 15, 1946.

White, Orville (Joe), August 27, 2004, Bloomington, Minnesota. S. S. Wesley W. Barrett to Poland, April 14, 1946.

Rest in peace, dear seagoing friends.