In Memorium

It’s time for my regular Fifth Friday post to honor the seagoing cowboys who have passed away recently. These are the ones of whom I am aware:

Earhart, Larry D. “Sarge,” May 4, 2017, Lancaster, PA. S. S. Joshua Hendy to Greece, June 21, 1945; S. S. Calvin Victory to Poland, June 12, 1946.

Garner, J. H. B. “Jay,” May 8, 2017, Claremont, CA. S. S. Frederic C. Howe (Foreman) to Poland, May 16, 1946.

Haldeman, David G., March 22, 2017, Lancaster, PA. S. S. Zona Gale to France, April 17, 1946.

Hostetler, John D., June 21, 2017, Orrville, OH. S. S. Earlham Victory to Yugoslavia, January 6, 1947.

Kauffman, Robert, August 9, 2017, Shoreline, WA. S. S. Stephen R. Mallory to Poland, June 26, 1946.

Pownall, Herbert D., August 17, 2017, Laramie, WY. S. S. Edwin D. Howard (supervisor) to Czechoslovakia, April 29, 1946.

Schler, Rev. George, August 24, 2017, Claremont, CA. S. S. American Importer to Germany, August 17, 1955.

Tieszen, Willard, January 8, 2017, Billings, MT. S. S. Clarksville Victory to Poland, December 14, 1945.

Rest in peace, dear friends.