In Memorium

I end this year of blog posts with a Fifth Friday Memorium to honor seagoing cowboys who have departed this world. These are the most recent ones who have come to my attention:

Alderfer, Stanley D., December 4, 2016. S. S. Columbia Heights to Israel, 1951.

King, Paul, October 29, 2016. S. S. Gainesville Victory to Czechoslovakia, February 14, 1946.

Schrock, Olen L., December 18, 2016. S. S. Clarksville Victory to Greece, February 24, 1946; S. S. Stephen R. Mallory to Poland, November 14, 1946.

Schwartzentruber, Kenneth, November 17, 2016. S. S. Frederic C. Howe to Yugoslavia, November 15, 1946; S. S. Woodstock Victory to Greece, January 18, 1947.

Shank, Charles S., December 25, 2015. S. S. Zona Gale to Yugoslavia, June 28, 1945.

Troyer, Alfred Edward, July 8, 2014. S. S. Santiago Iglesias to Poland, February 7, 1946.

Yoder, J. Olen, November 14, 2016. S. S. Clarksville Victory to Poland, December 12, 1945.

I extend my deep gratitude to the family of Harold Joseph Slagell for their gift of memorial money to my Seagoing Cowboy Storytelling Project in honor of their father who was included in the September 30 Memorium post.

Rest in peace, dear Seagoing Cowboys.