Special Post: Nonviolence and the Seagoing Cowboys

I’m sharing a timely article today concerning seagoing cowboy Wally Fisher that came to me through my Google alerts. Wally represents many seagoing cowboys who served as conscientious objectors through the war. Some completed their Civilian Public Service in the “CPS Reserve Unit” as seagoing cowboys. Others, like Wally, signed up after being released from CPS to have a positive impact on a broken world. Thank you Jane Yoder-Short for your thoughtful reflection “Nonviolence offers hope for our war-torn militaristic world.”

In Memorium

This is my regular Fifth Friday post to honor the seagoing cowboys who have passed away recently, the ones of whom I am aware.

Bollinger, Galen S., January 4, 2018, Myerstown, PA. S. S. Mount Whitney to Poland, November 30, 1946.

Bollinger, John C., January 13, 2018, Goshen, IN. S. S. Norwalk Victory to Yugoslavia, February 13, 1946.

Fisher, Wallace, March 6, 2018, Wellman, IA. S. S. Morgantown Victory to Yugoslavia, December 2, 1946.

Groff, Mahlon A., January 8, 2018, Seven Valleys, PA. S. S. Carroll Victory to Poland, February 16, 1946.

Kauffman, Theodore G., January 29, 2018, West Brandywine, PA. S. S. Queens Victory to Czechoslovakia, November 2, 1946; S. S. Saginaw Victory to Poland, December 31, 1946.

Klepinger, Wayne Ellis, January 10, 2018, Lehigh Acres, FL. S. S. Pierre Victory to Poland, March 29, 1946.

Longenecker, Harry K., February 13, 2018, Elizabathtown, PA. S. S. John J. Crittenden to Poland, March 6, 1946.

Messamer, Charles Lloyd, February 25, 2018, Avon, IN. S. S. Lindenwood Victory to China, December 19, 1946.

Robertson, Jesse Davis, March 8, 2018, Bridgewater, VA. S. S. Samuel H. Walker to Yugoslavia, August 27, 1945.

Rest in peace, dear seagoing friends.